Werner Neumann | Dutch Designer Werner Neumann
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Werner Neumann

Self-taught designer Werner Neumann started creating a collection of furniture based on birch bark and organic forms in 2007. As a master craftsman he is able to make make his pieces using techniques that allow the shape of the object to alter during the process. This will eventually result in a unique sculpture.


His furniture pieces are true statements. They are robust, but at the same time they have certain airiness to them.


In the Birchwood collection you can find this in the colour and the movement of the bark, the high legs and the strange form of the drawers. The Organic collection comprises of seemingly heavy materials that are deliberately kept very light to emphasize the form and the open spaces in between.


Latest event was:
20 – 28 OCTOBER 2018
Dutch Design Week

Daalakkersweg 2, hal8-1
5641 JA Eindhoven
The Netherlands